Theatre Anu – An extraordinary experience

…what was so special about this theatre?  …when I first read “poetic theatre forms in public space”, I couldn’t understand at first, but the idea was so plausibly simple as well as complex to realize. In this kind of walk-on stage, I wouldn’t just be a spectator, I would find myself in the middle of the stages, in the middle of the story itself. The imagination inspired me and was simply fascinating. The impression of “poetic worlds” in an unenclosed theatre space promised an encounter with the unknown, and quite often the unknown was oneself. For several hours I was diving into a virtual soap bubble of non-time and deceleration. It took a little while for my mind to get involved, but after that my old daily ways of thinking disappeared and I was charmed by the unique atmosphere, with its colorful created images and self-experiences. Experiences that dissolved and merged the boundaries between the viewer and the viewed. 

Theatre Anu understands itself in the tradition of storytelling and this is exactly what is grandly realized in their unique productions.


From the website Theatre Anu:

The old queen Ellib visited the plant Moorts for the last time:
“I have one last question. Tell me, what is the soul?”
“You will not believe it if I tell you,” Moorts answered.
Ellib insisted on an answer.
“The soul is the child you once were, which has never left you,” Moorts whispered.

From the Moranian Chronicles