About me…

I was born in July 1970 in Plettenberg, Germany, the son of Sicilian immigrants. Growing up between different cultures, I was never aware of which one I really belonged to. The lifestyles on one side and the other were too different and extremely diverse, and my enthusiasm for this diversity grew more and more in the course of my life. Early on, I tried to satisfy this curiosity and travelled through the capitals of Europe in search of the historical and artistic testimonies of the past. I was inspired by this creativity and wondered where it came from and whether it would also accompany me throughout my life. Eventually, I left my hometown and first devoted my interest to my scientific engineering studies. The realisation that there was no real knowledge after all took me further along the path towards the manifold layers of our being. The impression of religions and philosophical thought finally closed the circle and especially the journeys to Asia gave me a high degree of inspiration.

Photography is a simple but difficult way to capture and express this uniqueness of time and moment. I had my first experiences at a young age in the home laboratory of my father, who was an enthusiastic photographer. We spent the odd evening in our cold cellar and he showed me the classic developing methods that I still used for years during my studies. Today’s digital photography, on the other hand, opens up new avenues. Unfortunately, we are often overwhelmed by impressions and forget the reduction to the essential.

“…again and again I recognise the harmonious interplay of colours and shapes of different cultures and although they create unique and incomparable expressions, they all make the same universal sense.”


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