Drag Racing Event

It’s been a cult event for a long time and I finally managed to attend. The “NitrOlympX” in Hockenheim becomes the Mecca of the biggest drag racing event outside the USA for one weekend. 40,000 participants will hear and feel the explosive mixture of roaring engines, incredible speed and spectacular night show. For several hours, you have to put aside any rational thought and let the smell of burnt rubber and nitromethane take over your mind. The impressions of one day are so varied as bizarre and are influenced by the most extraordinary contrasts. While in the pit lanes there is a surprising serenity and high concentration, the scenery changes towards the tribunes and the starting line. Smoking adrenaline coupled with the ear-splitting noise of the roaring engines. The tribunes tremble with every start and the furious crowd celebrates every burn-out.

The engines of top fuel cars reach 10,000 hp and accelerate to 400 km in 6 seconds. At night, the drama becomes endless. The moment remembers me to a Cap Canaveral rocket launch… the crowd waiting for that one moment, quiet… and then shrieking noise, flames and burning engines and the bang… the endless acceleration of material and the smell of burnt, petrol-laden air.

Senseless and empty of reason but for a brief moment, fascination and beauty.





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