Azores – The volcanic islands in the Atlantic

1,369 km from the Portuguese mainland, a small group of islands rises from a depth of 4,000 m in the Atlantic: the Azores. They lie on the tectonic plate boundary of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, comparable to Iceland and are of volcanic origin. However, the subtropical climate that prevails here, with balanced temperatures and rainfall, has created a colorful landscape. Biodiversity in the highest degree, indescribable, not photographable, but only to experience. Rain, fog, sun at the same moment and this with an amazing regularity. Changeable and moody but all with an infinite continuity.

It doesn’t take long and the interplay of different impressions explode the capacity of the senses. Where should you look, listen or smell first? The intense fragrance of blue hydrangeas, the bright green of the meadows and tree ferns, the salty smell of the rushing sea or the intense taste of mystical forests and sulfur springs. The whole world seems changeable and moody and yet with an infinite continuity and impressive calm. That’s exactly how it should be, because in the overall view everything fits together again.




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