Valencia by Light

It is well known that Spanish cities are buzzing with life. Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia are grandiose, stylish cities with a lively heart and gigantic buildings. At night, life on the streets calms down and thousands of small bulbs and LED lamps bathe the cities in an unknown, magical charm. The cities show now a new colourful side and formerly grey and desolate buildings shine like colourful emeralds in the darkened sky. This change surprises me again and again and sometimes, when I look at the surrounding on my trip through the nocturnal silence, I have to stop and to realise where I was and where I am right now.

Valencia has a very special treasure: the city of art and science. A complex of buildings that arose in a period of irrationality in the old river bed of the Turia and it has become an unmistakable symbol of Valencia. It’s not just the unique architecture that excited me in advance, it’s also the hidden functionality of concert halls, cinemas or museums that are hidden behind walls made of concrete, metal and glass. If you are lucky enough to catch one of these warm, clear summer nights, you should enjoy this luck and you should take a lot of time to look closely at the play of shapes and colours.




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