Ried Ring Rivival

Already 65 years ago, the Ried-Ring motorbike race thrilled up to 30,000 cheering spectators along the city circuit in Lorsch. Between 1949 and 1955, spectacular competitions took place on the 3.12 kilometre track that kept motor sport enthusiasts fascinated and gave many famous racing driver a stage.

The ambition for the relaunched Racing-Ring-Rival Festival was thus great and exceeded the expectations. On the way in the paddock, I could feel the enthusiasm for this unique atmosphere of oily engines and shiny sheet metal and steel. The chrome surfaces of the antique race bikes gleaming in the sun became the ultimate challenge to the capabilities of my lens. The inner circle of the racing circus became a living museum. No matter which way you looked, you saw these fascinating antique constructions, not just standing around inanimate, but rattling and rumbling, giving the scenery an amazing liveliness. Till now, brands like DKW, NSU, Puch, Triumph or Norton, I had previously seen them in old books and websites. Here they came alive and showed what enormous power and speed they were already equipped at that time. At the end of the day, the memory card was full of impressions that I couldn’t get anywhere else.