Hongkong life

Anyone who wants to experience the fascination of shimmering metropolises cannot avoid to visit Hong Kong. The city welcomes its visitors with a unique skyline that drops straight down to the shores of Kowloon Bay and is also framed by a terrific primeval forest nature. If you dive into the city, you will be excited by a gigantic firework display of state-of-the-art architecture, the most colourful cultural events and endless shopping oases. Hong Kong is also one of the world’s best culinary capitals, combining a wide variety of cooking traditions and delicacies. Be it Cantonese, Japanese, French or Italian, the creativity leaves no gastronomic wishes unsatisfied and truly overflows with an exuberant offer.

The impressions of Hong Kong are enormous and it is difficult to process the sensory input on the eyes, ears and tongue. Endless walks and much time we spent in Hong Kong’s many charming quarters to discover just a little of this urban character. It seems that transformation is the only constant in this place and that an endless energy and dynamic force continues the development of these formerly fishing villages. The history in this place tells about it’s colourful heritage and gives a little view into the stories of powerful clans, marauding pirates or European traders, who shaped this city.