Gent by Light

After the sun had disappeared, we packed our backpacks and waited with excitement for the signal. I had sharpened my sensors and cleaned lens-eyes to capture every little nuance of light clouds in the coming hours of night. We would have to use the tripod to get the brilliant conception of Gent’s domestic light highlight on my memory card.
The city lit up again and the sophisticated lighting plan transformed the historical heritage of Ghent, with its rivers and monumental buildings, into a harmonious illustration. Not a mishmash of colours and lighting blobs, but a finely crafted network of atmosphere and accents that appropriately underlines the identity of the city of Ghent.
Designer Roland Jéol uses light as an essential and safeguarding component of city life and manages to create a classic composition of warmth and comfort, for which he ultimately received three stars in the Michelin Guide.