São Paulo – Brazil

São Paulo is a monster city… 13 million people in the urban area and up to 21 million people in the surroundings… the largest industrial agglomeration in Latin America and one of the largest metropolitan regions on earth…

One year after the Corona pandemic, Brazil’s murderous capitalism shows its horrible face… the contrast between richness and poverty has risen to an unbearable level. A walk in the old city of Sao Paulo is frightening, terrifying and emotionally almost unbearable. Tens of thousands of homeless people who have lost their jobs during the Corona pandemic and can no longer pay even the rent for a room. Drugs, crime, prostitution on an almost unimaginable scale and one of the highest murder rates in the world. 

And the city would have so much to offer because of its multicultural character. The greatest variety of human faces I have ever seen. An incredible variety of human expressions, be it in clothing, haircuts, tattoos or gestures. Everyone reinvents themselves or can express themselves the way they always wanted… existence becomes a personal work of art.

However, street art is not only art but part of the silent protest that began during the military regime in the 1950s. Artists like Os Gêmeos developed Sao Paulo into one of the most interesting street art metropolises in the world in the 1980’s. Hundreds of these murals decorate the city and show once again the artistic multicultural interplay of human existence.




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