Book: Camera Humana – Kazuyoshi Nomachi

For 30 years, the Japanese photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi was on a photographic pilgrimage. In “Camera Humana” he shows his best pictures. Nomachi celebrates in his pictures what defines life, he shows the diversity of cultures and the landscapes through which they were formed. The highlands are sacred to him, in their hardness, their intensity, their barren beauty, the struggle for survival of the inhabitants touches him deeply. Nomachi’s photographic pilgrimage started in 1971 in the Sahara. Whether in Mecca or in the steppes of Africa, whether in the Peruvian Andes or in the highlands of Ethiopia, whether at the foot of Kailash in Tibet or the Kumb Mehla in India, he always succeeds in capturing the colors of life in all its diversity and power.

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